About Us

Centaur Motorcycle Club (Centaur MC) consists of a group of men with an enthusiastic interest in motorcycles, leather and other men. The club sponsors Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL); Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest (Mr. MAL); and the bi-annual woodsy recreational Labor Day Weekend event, Olympia. The Club takes both a serious and irreverent approach to designing events for the amusement and enjoyment of the greater Leather Community. Centaur MC also participates in a wide variety of philanthropic and social fundraising events.

Centaur Brother Doug Hein passed away

It is with great sadness that we note our recent discovery that Centaur Alumnus and former Highwayman, Doug Hein, passed away on June 21, 2014, at the Washington, DC, VA Medical center. It was only through a random search that we discovered his obituary Douglas Hein’s Obituary on Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. Once ready to jump into most any club activity, Doug’s memory had been failing some years ago. His family did not reach out and may not have known of his fraternal associations. Those who knew knew him well will remember him fondly.